Barcelona’s Coolest Bars


With current high speed train or tgv trains to Barcelona departing from Paris, there is always a good reason to visit the fine cuisine and sandy beaches of Catalonia.

Barcelona’s nightlife is one of the most exciting and if you are in this Spanish city, you should not miss the best bars in the city. While catching up with old friends, locals or other tourists, it would be highly advisable to spend the night here to get a better grasp of what the place has to offer and with lots of awesome accommodations – you have no reason for leaving in a hurry. For great places to hang out in Barcelona at night here are some of our suggestions.

L’Entresol. This is a great place when your choice of drink is gin and tonic with tea. This is actually a stylish place with a contemporary atmosphere and the music is really good plus the place is very neat. This also happens to be one of Gracia’s coolest bars. Occasionally, there are celebrities that drop by the place and the crown is quite modern.

Muy Buenas. While you are in Barcelona, your visit will not be complete without dropping by Catalan’s art noveau bars. Mean mojitos is the drink of choice when you are hanging out in this bar which has gorgeous glass etched wood panels and marble counters and the Cuban staff would love to mix your drinks for you.

La Caseta Del Migdia. For a hip yet diverse crowd in a place which is out of the ordinary, this place in the woods of Montjuic is just the place to venture to. This is actually an al fresco bar which is just 10 minutes away from the bus stop. Those who love to look at sunsets will also find this as the perfect location to see Barcelona’s sunsets.

Manchester Bar. This hangout in Gotico Barrio is a highly recommended haunt at night. Contrary to most of the other bars in the area, this is not a tourist trap and locals who love music spend a lot of nights in this place. Due to the unique lighting in the place, it has an underground vibe and progressive alternative music would surely make it easier for you to cast off your inhibitions and just be yourself.

Cocktail Bar Juanra Falces. This bar used to be called Gimlet but it changed its name to avoid confusion. For 32 years, this place is deemed to be the perfect location to enjoy black Russians, gimlets, daiquiris white Russians and whiskey sours. This space is also the best hang out for those who are in search with a sophisticated and cool ambiance and the strains of soft jazz will surely soothe your feelings. After midnight, this place becomes full of adults.

Marsella Absinthe Bar. This two century old bar is said to be the oldest bar in the city and one of the places in the country which reminds you of Paris and drinking absinthe here is a tradition. The absinthe is served in a sugar cube with a small fork and be sure to drink it slowly and order a cold beer. Since this bar in El Raval is in a seedy part of town, be sure to take a lot of care.

Marmalade Cocktail Bar. This extravagant lounge happens to be one of the flashy haunts in the city. Should you order a drink, GinTonic should be your choice. It’s alright to wear what you want but most of the bar’s clientele are bohemians and business types who are smartly dressed.

Spending the night in one of the bars in Barcelona should be on your itinerary when you have a scheduled trip to this enchanting Spanish city. Indeed, the nightlife here is great and something that you should try especially when you love bar hopping.

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