Festival Campervanning

What’s the best thing about festivals? Seeing top bands live, the people, the experience. The list is endless really. So, what’s the worst thing about festivals? The toilets, the hard ground in your tent, people pulling out your guy ropes when teetering back to their tent at two in the morning? They’re all up definitely up there. But don’t you wish you were one of those people who don’t need to worry about all that?

Those people who planned in advance with their campervan? Organised their campervan insurance with Safeguard weeks in advance, loaded the van up and can now relax in style while you roll around struggle with your wellies for that night-time wee.

But not this year. This year, it’s going to be you. Here’s our guide to campervanning at festivals. And all you need to know.

Planning in Advance

It’s not like Woodstock anymore. You can’t just turn up on the day. UK festivals are big business and you need to get in early for tickets. Glastonbury’s have gone already; of course they have. You forgot. Woke up on that Sunday morning to see the Facebook statuses of those lucky lucky few. Oh well, there are plenty of others to choose from, so get planning. Whether you’re thinking Leeds or Reading, Bestival or Beacons you’ve got loads to consider if you’re campervanning it.

Like. How are you going to get there? In the van, obvs. Yes we got that bit. But take Bestival for example. Heading over to the Isle of Wight is amazing for a festival, but it’s a little more difficult with a campervan. Get in very early with your ferry booking. It’s not like those on foot who can just queue up and stroll on when they like. You need to book a spot a specific time. So if you don’t fancy waiting till nine at night on the last day; sort it out as soon as you get your ticket.

Choosing Your Festival

Does campervanning make a difference to your festival choice? Not really. You can still decide on the same criteria as if you were in with all the other campers. But there are a few things to bear in mind. The big ones like Glastonbury and Bestival have dedicated campervan areas; this isn’t always the case at smaller ones so before you buy your ticket do some digging of the festival terms and conditions before you get turned away on arrival. Most will be cool, but it always pays to know.

So, now you’ve chosen your festival and you know how to get there; what van do you actually choose?

Choosing Your Van

OK, so you’re not one of those lucky folk who actually own their van; not yet anyway. You’re a campervan novice and this is your first time. Yes of course you want a VW; they’re super cool and the envy of all festival goers. But they can be expensive to hire. Look into all your options, well in advance. Remember it’s not all about looks, comfort is key too. Yes we know, you’re going to Bestival. Nothing but the VW will do. Fair enough, we’d pick that too.

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