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Discover the Jamaican Dancehall Scene on Your Next Trip

When it comes to describing the beautiful Caribbean nation of Jamaica, the majority of people will bypass the fact that it’s a tropical paradise with lush forest and amazing beaches and instead go straight to talking about the music. Of course, in a country as culturally famous of Jamaica, responsible for introducing the world to reggae and perhaps its biggest master, Bob Marley, it’s difficult not to talk about it. For travellers looking to infuse their trip with something a bit different though, Jamaican dancehall is another genre well worth paying attention to.

Playing On the Go: The Joy of Traveling with Poker in Your Pocket

Here at we’ve long been advocates of traveling for the purpose of enjoying cutting-edge music, amazing festivals, even following particular bands half-way across the world. But we’ve never much discussed the types of things you can do while on the move as you travel, especially things you can dip into at a moments notice, given that you’ve brought a smartphone, tablet or light laptop along for the ride.