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Berlin is a multi-cultural capital pulsating with a vibrant history that forever changed the world. There are countless things to do in this metropolis of very important historical sights and exciting modern venues. Travelling around this fascinating city is very easy, as all the routes and landmarks are very well sign-posted. All you need are your euros and holiday insurance, which should be arranged before you arrive – that way you will have peace of mind by knowing you are fully covered. Popular attractions that should not be missed include:

The Muso’s Guide: 5 Must See Sights in Sofia

Often overlooked by tourists heading for the coast or the ski slopes, Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia is a cool city with a hip young population. While not usually thought of as a destination high on the music lover’s travel list, Sofia nonetheless impresses with its swanky clubs, international artists are making Sofia part of their tours, and there is a weird, local music that has to be heard to be believed. Let’s explore!

The Muso’s Guide: 5 Must See Sights in New York

New York City, where dreams are made. And in the case of music, they’re often made, closed down for not paying their taxes, sent to rehab and remade again. With a musical offering as diverse its residents, it’s no wonder New York can call itself the birthplace of hip hop, punk rock and salsa as we know them. Let’s take it from the top (geographically, that is) and work our way down a list of some of the most influential and happening venues in the city today.

The Muso’s Guide: 5 Must See Sights in Sydney

Australia might not have the same musical legacy as the UK or the US but it’s unfair to say it hasn’t produced a healthy number of musical titans across the years. Despite not being the capital, Sydney, home of sun-drenched beaches and sky-scraping commercial centres, is where the drums, bass and guitars have rocked the heaviest. Time to find out what are the most must-see sites for musical monsters in Australia’s best-known city. Slam on AC/DC and let’s get running.

The Muso’s Guide: 5 Must See Sights in London

London’s love affair with music spans centuries, and just like any fickle lover, London can’t decide which she likes best. From baroque to heavy metal, pop to punk, London has been the breeding ground for some of the most influential music ever created. Join us as we seek out some of the most iconic sights and current hot spots that will have any music fan loving London.

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