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UK Spotlight: Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight is situated just off the coast of Hampshire in the English Channel, it is the second most populous of the English isles with a population of just over 132,000 ‘Vectensians’ as they are known. The Isle has been a county in it’s own right since the turn of the 20th Century having previously been part of the county of Hampshire. The island is believed to have been separated from mainland Britain after the last ice-age thawed and as a result of the split and the subsequent periods, the island’s landscape is rocky and has several cliffs…

Musicians Tourist Guide to Edinburgh


Edinburgh, the land of the bagpipe and the beautiful capital of Scotland and a historic landmark of Western Europe, should definitely be on the bucket list of any music traveler. The city of Edinburgh is the second most popular tourist destination in the UK after world-reknowned London, receiving over one million foreign visitors every year.

Music Festivals on the High Seas

sea festivals

Not content with being restricted to a muddy field in England or a beach in Croatia, music festivals have started branching out onto the seas with cruise liners playing host to increasing numbers of festivals every year. Here we take a look at five of the best music festivals at sea.

The Magic of Disney Music

Disney World is a land of fantasy where you get to meet all your favorite characters. You also get to visit the largest animal theme park in the whole world. There are more than 1,700 animals of over 200 species. That is not all, you get to enjoy the magic water parks sliding down into pure enjoyment. The entertainment is nonstop, accompanied with great dining and other performing arts.

Famous Florida Bands

Florida is full of great musicians. Aside from the famous childhood songs that echo through the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, you will find that there is plenty of great music to hear throughout the state. In this article, you will discover the best music acts you must check out that are from the wonderful sunshine state of Florida. Their styles are all wildly different, but their love of their home state is consistent throughout. If you’re headed down to Florida anytime soon, put these guys on your playlist to get in the mood.

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