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The History of the Burning Man Festival


When it comes to the greatest festivals that have been created around the world, we owe a debt of gratitude to creative people who have thought up concepts that no ordinary person could ever think of on their best day. Certainly, no average person would ever come up with the concept for something as outlandish as Burning Man, a week-long festival where attendees let their inner imaginations run wild. With costumes that run the gamut from steam punk to new age (along with pre-made ones from that allow those looking for a bit of inspiration to find it), it…

The Muso’s Guide: 5 Must See Sights in New York

New York City, where dreams are made. And in the case of music, they’re often made, closed down for not paying their taxes, sent to rehab and remade again. With a musical offering as diverse its residents, it’s no wonder New York can call itself the birthplace of hip hop, punk rock and salsa as we know them. Let’s take it from the top (geographically, that is) and work our way down a list of some of the most influential and happening venues in the city today.

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