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Calgary is Canada’s Treasure


Calgary is one of the lesser discovered areas of Canada and does not possess the high profile of cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. But that should not deter travelers from wanting to unlock the mysteries of this beautiful and rugged city. The city is one of the greenest in Canada with the water flowing down from the Canadian Rockies feeding the Elbow River that flows through the city. Calgary is the capital of Canada’s Alberta Province that sits in the western part of Canada between British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The city is located about 50 miles east of the…

Kick-Ass Canadian Festivals: Folk on the Rocks

Cold climates can make people do strange things. In northern Canada, where people are cooped up inside the majority of the year, seeing little sunlight and a lot of snow, the arrival of summer heralds a burst of frenetic folly that all comes to a head the third weekend of every July.

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